Peculiarities of the choice of packaging equipment

Packaging equipment are automatic machines that measure doses of products and pack them into individual containers independently according to a preset program or with the help of an employee. Depending on the equipment model, the containers can be of different shapes and materials. Such machines are used in most production facilities, since according to market rules virtually every product must have its own packaging.

Types and classification

Packaging machines are difficult to categorize. The great variety of technical and technological processes, as well as packaging materials and goods, make the division into types virtually impossible.

The main criterion by which this equipment is classified is the type of goods to be packed. Based on this, automatic filling and packing machines are divided into industrial (for packing building materials, household chemicals, fodder, textiles) and food (for packing loose products, for dumplings, for bread, etc.).

A detailed study of the operation of packaging technology highlights the processes used in the machines:

  • product dispensing;
  • container preparation;
  • product packaging.

The filling equipment can be combined. For example, a dispenser for bulk products is also used for packaging in rigid containers, paper bags or film. Each case requires a different type of filling machine, so the equipment will be different.

Buy equipment for packaging in Kiev

Choosing packaging equipment in Kiev, pay attention to the main points.

  1. Operability. Модели могут выполнять несколько функций. This will facilitate the packaging process, and the unit itself can be used for different goods.
  2. Electrical Communication. Most units operate from the mains electricity supply. It is important before purchase to calculate the power consumption and compare it with the maximum load in the room network. This is a guarantee of uninterrupted operation of the equipment.
  3. Mode of operation. It can be automatic or semi-automatic. The first one works independently, according to a preset program, for example, an automatic traysealer. Semi-automated machines are configured to perform functions that require the intervention of workers (vacuum machine for packing meat, fish).
  4. The size of the equipment. Take into account the free space where you plan to place the apparatus and its dimensions.
  5. Used packaging materials. For packaging of food products, the equipment must be configured to work with safe packaging materials.

Pay attention to the manufacturer’s firm. Give preference to companies that have already established themselves in the market of filling machines and have maintenance services in Ukraine. The price of equipment depends on many factors. Select machines depending on the capacity of production. When buying calculate their payback time or use the lease of packaging equipment.

Company “Nikas Food” offers packaging units of well-known manufacturers for different groups of goods and products. For consultation you can contact a specialist in the selection of packaging solutions, who will choose the necessary equipment depending on your tasks.

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