Vacuum packaging equipment

Vacuum packaging equipment

Application of vacuum packaging equipment

Vacuum packaging equipment is a machine whose function is to create a vacuum in the middle of the package. This type of equipment is used in various industries (chemical, electrical, medical, textile). But the greatest popularity of vacuum packaging machines has gained in the food industry. With their help products are kept fresher longer, protected from dirt, weathered, sunlight, they can be transported without freezing. Vacuum packed food products take up significantly less space.

Types of vacuum packaging equipment

The equipment can range in size from small units to large units. There are two types of vacuum packaging equipment.

  1. Chamberless. They are used in catering outlets, stores for food packaging. Strong sealing is performed by a wear-resistant welding strip, and the body can be made of stainless steel or durable plastic. Vacuum is created by pumping air out of the package. Some have a filter. It protects the pump from getting liquid into it. Such chamberless vacuum cleaners are good for packaging products with a high liquid content (for fish or pickles).
  2. Chambered. They can be single or double chambered. The size of the chambers is different depending on the model. Chamber food vacuumizer creates a vacuum inside the chamber where the packaging process takes place. Depending on the dimensions, they can be floor or tabletop, differ in performance and the presence of additional functions. Chamber vacuum for product packaging is made of stainless steel and is designed for a long operating life. Some models are equipped with the ability to pump a certain amount of gas into the bag before packaging. This allows you to significantly increase the shelf life of the food product.

The wide range of applications of vacuum packaging equipment determines its different design. Depending on the production needs, these machines can create different degrees of vacuum (low, medium or high).

Nikas Food – a wide range of vacuum cleaners for different purposes

Company “Nikas Food” has been working in the market of Ukraine since 2009 and among all packaging equipment, offers a wide range of vacuum cleaners in Kiev and barrier packaging for it. We cooperate with the best manufacturers, so we are confident in quality and durability.

Apparatus for vacuum packaging, which you can buy from us at an affordable price, will quickly bring your business to a new level. After all, such packaging is not only beautiful, but also a guarantee of safety of freshness of products.

We always follow new trends in the development of packaging technology and try to replenish our warehouses with advanced devices. We also sell vacuum bags, barrier films. Our packaging solutions specialist will always help you to choose a vacuum cleaner according to your needs and productivity of your company.

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