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Packaging Thermo Tank DT650
Packaging Thermo Tank DT650

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Thermotank packing tank DT480

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Shrinking machines

Thermo-tank – equipment designed for heat shrinking of film on the surface of various food products after vacuum packaging with film or other materials. Blanching of vegetables and berries can be carried out with the help of such technique. Both methods of using the technique are simple, fast and efficient. They help to save both time and financial costs, which is a huge advantage.

Advantages of a thermo tank

A thermal packaging machine has several advantages that set it apart from alternative packaging devices. The main advantages include:

  • no folds on the surface of the package;
  • melting of the package edges;
  • giving the product a more attractive appearance;
  • digital timer for convenient adjustment of the tray in the lower position;
  • wide scope of use – packaging of various products and whole ready meals, as well as blanching of vegetables and berries of any kind is possible;
  • digital thermostat for quick setting of the required temperature.

The thermotank vacuumizer works in an extremely simple way. It is enough to immerse the product in a container of boiling water for 1-5 seconds for shrinking. If blanching of vegetables and berries is necessary, it will take about 1-2 minutes.

Shrinking machines buy in Ukraine favorably

You will need to purchase such a machine when working in various spheres. The heat shrink tank will allow faster and more efficient packing of various food products, including semi-finished meat products, smoked meats, sausages, cheese, etc. in stores and other retail outlets (warehouses, wholesale warehouses, etc.). The shrink packer is also useful in the catering industry. The machine allows you to blanch vegetables and berries much faster than alternative methods. Additionally, it is worth noting the loyal price of the equipment. This makes it available for purchase even by small enterprises and private firms. Conveniently and favorably you can make a purchase in the online store “Nikas”. We offer delivery throughout Ukraine suitable for the client transportation companies. If you have questions or need help in selecting can contact consultants store “Nikas”. Correct choice of the necessary equipment – a guarantee of a long and convenient operation.

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