Single-chamber vacuum packers

Single-chamber vacuum packers

Vacuum single chamber packers for home and business

Vacuum devices are designed to remove air from the product to be packed and pack it in film or other material. They are widely used in the food industry as well as in home use for packaging products such as meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, etc.

Working principle of single-chamber vacuum packers

Regardless of the model, all single-chamber vacuum packers work on the same principle – creating and maintaining a low pressure in the chamber of the device by pumping out air. This process can be divided into several steps:

  • the product is placed in a vacuum bag;
  • the package is then placed in the chamber of the vacuum packer;
  • the vacuum pump starts pumping out the air;
  • the system automatically seals the film, creating a hermetically sealed package.

The single-chamber vacuum packer, depending on the modification, can have the ability to adjust the time and force of vacuuming, which allows you to customize the packaging process for a particular product.

Advantages of single-chamber vacuum packers

Vacuum packers are indispensable equipment for small enterprises, stores, restaurants engaged in the production, storage and sale of food products. Vacuum bags are used to pack the products, which protect them from oxygen and moisture penetration. The main advantages of this equipment include:

  • compact size;
  • saving time and money;
  • preservation of nutritional properties of products;
  • convenient storage and delivery of packaged goods;
  • extending the shelf life of products;
  • the ability to pack a variety of products, including meat, fish, fruit, vegetables and ready meals;
  • airtight packaging protects products from external influences such as dust, dirt and moisture;
  • preserves the freshness of the products and prevents odors from mixing;
  • protection against bacterial, mold and yeast contamination, etc.

Such equipment can also be equipped with a gassing system, which improves food preservation. The advantages of single chamber vacuum packers are obvious. They provide a long shelf life of products, preserve their quality and freshness, as well as provide convenience and economy in packaging. In Ukraine, you can buy single-chamber vacuum equipment in the online store Nikas. There is a wide range of industrial and floor models of packers used for products of any size and shape. All packaging materials, including bags, are also available for purchase on the site. To order, you can use a special form or contact managers at the phone numbers provided.

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