Tray sealers

Tray sealers

Professional tray sealers from VOLVAC are the best solution for presentable packaging of your product on an industrial scale. Reliable in operation, easy to maintain and efficient 24/7. The traysealer is the best solution for presentable product packaging for large-scale production. Traysealer is easy to maintain and efficient in operation. The availability of such a machine allows to refuse manual packing of goods, which significantly speeds up the process and favorably affects the production in general.

Types of Traceylers

The business owner has the opportunity to choose semi-automatic and automatic container and tray machine for the purpose of storing products and extending shelf life in this way. Attention should be paid to the following characteristics that the traysealer has:

  • the machine is equipped with a high-performance vacuum pump;
  • the tools are pneumatically driven;
  • there is a pneumatic drive of the working tool.

High-performance machines are equipped with vacuum packaging technology, gas and skin. The equipment itself is made of stainless steel with anodized anti-corrosion aluminum. The apparatus has polished seams and rounded corners that allow moisture to drain away unimpeded and without harming the machine.

Vacuum sealers operating modes

Rugged and durable machine will provide quality packaging for reliable product preservation. The machine can work in 5 modes:

  • sealing of containers and trays.
  • vacuum creation and then sealing process.
  • injection of MGS and then sealing.
  • vacuum creation, then injection of MGS and final sealing.

The tray sealer, whose price quickly pays for itself in large-scale production, also features a user-friendly touch screen. The specialist can set and save several working programs at once in the memory of the device. For convenience, the developers have made an intuitive interface, with which you can customize the basic parameters of the traysealer.

Traceyler to buy in Ukraine

On our website large food manufacturers can choose automatic or semi-automatic packaging machine. For convenience there is an opportunity to compare the technical characteristics of machines and choose the best option for production. You can place a purchase order through the online store, and delivery is carried out throughout Ukraine and in neighboring countries. If there are questions, our consultants can promptly answer them, and are also ready to assist in the selection. Equipment delivery, commissioning, service and warranty maintenance in Ukraine are carried out by the official exclusive representative of Nikas Food.

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