Automatic tray sealers

Automatic tray sealers

Automatic traysealers are modern equipment used in industry to automate the tray sealing process. This technology has found wide application in various industries such as food processing, pharmaceuticals, logistics and others. Traysealing is perfect for:

  • deli products (salads, fresh tomatoes, mushrooms, etc.);
  • ready meals (indispensable for catering and food delivery);
  • meat and meat products (minced meat, steaks, chicken carcasses, offal, etc.);
  • dairy products (cottage cheese, hard cheese, cheese slices);
  • loose products (nuts, seeds, cereals);
  • snack foods;
  • non-food products (pharmaceuticals, spare parts, electronics).

Advantages of automatic tracers:

  1. One of the key advantages of automatic traysealers is their high productivity. Instead of manual sealing, which can be time- and labor-intensive, automated systems allow containers to be sealed quickly and efficiently. This increases the overall productivity of the production process.
    Efficient utilization of resources is another advantage of these systems. Automated tray sealers provide accuracy and consistency during operation, which saves materials and reduces waste.
  2. The application of the latest technology in automatic teysilers makes them more efficient and safer to use. Built-in temperature control systems, automatic fault detection and other innovative features ensure a high level of reliability and safety in the production process
  3. Another important characteristic of automatic traysealers is their ease of setup and maintenance. Operators do not need to spend considerable time training and maintaining these devices, which makes them effective in highly dynamic and frequently changing production environments.
  4. In the context of sustainable development and environmental responsibility, the use of traysealers can reduce the environmental impact of production. Reducing waste, optimizing the use of materials and the efficiency of production processes help to create more environmentally friendly and sustainable production.

Overall, automatic traysealers play a key role in production processes, providing speed, efficiency and consistency in the packaging of goods. Their versatility, ease of setup and maintenance, and high level of safety make them popular among manufacturers seeking to optimize their production processes and ensure a high standard of product quality. Buy only quality packaging equipment from VOLVAC from NIKAS FOOD – exclusive representative in Ukraine. You can find the list of products here (link), and for more detailed information – please contact our specialists for consultation.

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