Semi-automatic traysealers

Semi-automatic traysealers

Semi-automatic traysealers are modern equipment designed for efficient and accurate sealing of trays with various products. This technology is used in various industries where it is important to ensure a fast and reliable packaging process. Their work is based on a combination of manual operator control and automated elements, which allows to increase productivity, provide high quality sealing and reduce working time. Traysealers are well suited for:

  1. deli products (salads, fresh tomatoes, mushrooms, etc.);
  2. ready meals (indispensable for catering and food delivery);
  3. meat and meat products (minced meat, steaks, chicken carcasses, offal, etc.);
  4. dairy products (cottage cheese, hard cheese, cheese slices);
  5. loose products (nuts, seeds, cereals);
  6. snack foods;
  7. non-food products (pharmaceuticals, spare parts, electronics).

Advantages of semi-automatic traysealers:

  • Efficiency and productivity: One of the main benefits is increased production productivity. Semi-automated systems allow you to automate key packaging steps, helping you to produce products quickly and efficiently.
  • Increased shelf life: Semi-automatic traysealers allow the gas mixture to be fed into the tray, which has a positive impact on shelf life.
  • Adaptability: Thanks to the control software, users can customize various parameters such as temperature, sealing time and gas mixture supply.
  • Space saving and mobility: Semi-automatic tray sealers are relatively small in size, which makes it convenient to place the equipment in limited production space. Floor mounted packers are always equipped with transportation wheels, which adds to the convenience of cleaning and maintenance.

Semi-automatic traysealers are an integral part of modern manufacturing, where speed, accuracy and efficiency of production processes determine the competitiveness of a company. Their versatility and automation capabilities make them an important tool for a wide range of industries where quality packaging is a priority. Buy only quality packaging equipment from VOLVAC in the company NIKAS FOOD – exclusive representative in Ukraine. You can find the list of products here (link), and for more detailed information – please contact our specialists for consultation.

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☝ Working principle of semi-automatic traysealers
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