Automatic traysealer E42

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Automatic traysealer E42
Industrial sealer

The automated line VOLVAC E42 is designed for sealing trays with products at food industry enterprises. The machine can perform up to 1440 packaging operations per hour. The product is designed to work with a large number of different types of containers. The design provides easy access to all critical parts of the equipment. The height of the working surface is carefully optimized. The operator's workplace is organized in such a way as to ensure immediate response to changes occurring on the line. Controls and controls are located at the top of the front panel and are protected from moisture. Stainless steel, resistant to food acids and cleaning agents, has been used in the construction of the equipment.

Dimensions, mm 1240 x 4415 x 1758 h Matrix 190x144x80 h (8 trays)
Productivity 360-480 cycles/hour Pump capacity 200 m³/h (5.5 kW) , 300 m³/h (7 kW), 200 m³/h (7.5 kW)
Productivity of the product 2,880-3,840 packs/hour Material Stainless steel AISI304
Cycles 6-8 cycles/minute Electrical connection 380 volt 50 Hz
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