Carts for transporting goods

Transport carts
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Transport carts

Transport carts are designed for in-shop logistics of plastic crates 600x400 mm (EURO type E1-E4) at food industry enterprises. Nikas Food Ukraine offers its partners single and double stackable transport carts both in standard version and for individual needs of each production.

Wall thickness, mm 2,0
Overall dimensions, mm 655х410х165
Weight, kg 6,9
Material Food grade steel AISI304

The transport cart is used when it is necessary to move prefabricated products, building materials, finished products, other heavy items over short distances.

Purposes of use of the transport cart

A storage cart is great for crates, for bags. As a rule, it is on wheels, so it is easy to operate. Manual cart due to the ease of use, versatility, small mechanization, depending on the type can be used:

  • in the home;
  • in warehouses;
  • in workshops.

The load capacity of products is different. It all depends on how this equipment is planned to be used.

Why you should buy a cart for cargo transportation in Kiev

At a certain point in time, each person may need a cargo cart. In this case, you start looking for a store where it can be purchased favorably in Ukraine. It is convenient to do this in the online store NIKAS. We offer optimal conditions, quality products, while setting an acceptable price. Transport cart allows you to quickly and conveniently transport almost any cargo. Accordingly, it will come in handy at any enterprise.

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