Industrial shoe dryers

Shoe dryers
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Single-sided and double-sided shoe dryers

"Nikas Food Ukraine" offers its partners industrial shoe dryers of its own and Polish production, single-sided and double-sided, mounted and floor. Shoe dryers are made of acid-resistant stainless steel, equipped with a thermostat and timer operation time. Depending on the model, shoe dryers can be with a valve at the end of the "branch" and without it, additionally equipped with an ozone lamp, which destroys bacteria inside the shoe, thereby significantly reducing odor in locker rooms. The power supply required for industrial shoe dryers is 220 V / 50 Hz, so it can be connected in almost every room.

Unilateral Double-sided
Number of pairs 6 Number of pairs 12
Width, mm 600 Width, mm 600
Height, mm 1550 Height, mm 1550
Depth, mm 550 Depth, mm 960
Other production equipment

The industrial shoe dryer is used to dry products with heated air. In doing so, it is known to be sanitized by ultraviolet radiation.

Scope of application of industrial dryers

As a rule, this hygienic equipment is used indoors at enterprises of processing, food industry, construction, oil and gas organizations, other areas of activity. These are various enterprises where it is necessary to dry shoes. The most popular is considered to be an electric dryer. Antibacterial products have also become quite widespread. Products can be designed for a different number of pairs of shoes. Here everything depends on what option is chosen.

Why you should buy industrial shoe dryers in Kiev

On the site NIKAS in Ukraine in a large assortment of industrial shoe dryers are offered. We have a price for them is set affordable for many buyers, in addition pleases high quality. Industrial dryers are characterized by high efficiency and effectiveness of use. They are affordable, convenient, durable in operation.

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