Sanitary sluices

Sanitary sluices
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Sanitary sluices

To ensure high quality and control the level of hygiene at the enterprise of food industry. Nikas Food Ukraine LLC offers you: combined sanitary passes, modular sanitary passes, integrated sanitary modules.

Volume, l 120
Overall dimensions, mm 580x580x595h
Weight, kg 32
Material Stainless steel AISI304

The sanitary airlock is an area that separates the production and living areas. This sanitary device for personnel helps to maintain hygiene in production. The bacteriological safety of the end product often depends on it. The main thing is to comply with all the necessary requirements for the use of this equipment.

Meaning and scope of use of the sanitary sluice

The purpose of the airlock is to separate clean and dirty areas. It is of great importance for food production, where absolute hygiene is important. In addition, a hospital quite often uses such a sanitary passageway. The device can be used when a transition from one enclosure to another is necessary. Several surfaces may be encountered along the way, for each of which sanitary safety devices are used.

Sanitary sluice to buy favorably

If you are interested in the sanitary gateway price, the online store NIKAS in Ukraine sets the optimal rate, while offering the most favorable conditions. With the help of a sanitary gateway it is convenient to delimit the space to get separate working zones. Loyal price is another plus to the purchase.

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