Thermotank packing tank DT480

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Thermotank DT480
Industrial thermo tank

The DT-480 by VOLVAC is a model of modern professional equipment specially designed for use in enterprises that are focused on the production of products packaged in shrink film. The machine is designed to operate on a 380-volt AC power supply. The safety of its use is confirmed by a certificate of conformity with the requirements of the European Union. The device is made of chemically inert stainless steel and has a cubic shape. To facilitate transportation, the device is equipped with four wheels. The main controls and the keyboard are located in a separate module, which completely eliminates the flooding of the electronic unit with liquid and increases the level of safety for the operator. Process control is carried out using an LCD screen - it is possible to install English, German, Italian and Turkish interfaces.

Technical characteristics
Dimensions, mm 671 x 1233 x 1340 h Material. Stainless steel AISI304
Platform size, mm 450 x 600 h Certificate СЕ
Water capacity, l 95 Electrical connection 400V-50 Hz
Maximum product weight, kg 30
Other equipment
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