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Vacuum cleaner W104
Industrial vacuum cleaner

Industrial chamber vacuum packer W104 is designed for vacuuming of large-sized products in food industry enterprises. This modification has a large chamber, the length of which is 1068 millimeters. The unique feature of the device is three sealing rails - two of them are 680 mm long, and the third one is 1040 mm long. The product has a heavy weight, but the transportation wheels make it easy to move the machine to the place of work. Quality stainless steel was used in the manufacturing process. A powerful vacuum pump and other electrical equipment is powered by a three-phase AC network of 380 volts. The device is reliable and safe in operation, compliance with EU standards is confirmed by the certificate provided by the manufacturer.

Vacuum pump 105 m³ / hour Weight, kg 360
Sealing rail 2 x 680 mm - 1040 mm Material Stainless steel AISI304
Dimensions, mm 960 x 1175 x 1130 h Certificate СЕ
Chamber size, mm 752 x 1068 x 220 h Electrical connection 380 volt 50/60 Hz
Other equipment
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