Vacuum packer W700

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Vacuum cleaner W700
Industrial vacuum cleaner

Professional vacuum cleaner W700 with vertically oriented chamber is a modern high-tech machine created by VOLVAC. Compliance of the product with modern international standards is confirmed by the EU certificate. The machine is designed for companies engaged in packaging of loose products such as dried vegetables, legumes, nuts, dried fruits and many others. The machine is equipped with a productive vacuum pump and four 860 mm long sealing rails. You can set up and control the technological process using the LCD screen - the control is carried out through a membrane keyboard. The electronic module allows you to adjust the temperature and sealing time and provides the ability to store up to 24 programs. The product is quiet. It is possible to install a module for creating a modified gas environment.

Vacuum pump 151 m³ / hour Weight, kg 600
Sealing rail 2 x 700 mm Material Stainless steel AISI304
Dimensions, mm 1700 x 1725 x 1410 h Certificate СЕ
Chamber size, mm 890 x 850 x 255 h Electrical connection 380 volt 50/60 Hz
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