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Vacuum cleaner W86
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Vacuumator W100 is a professional device intended for use in technological processes of food industry enterprises of different levels. The product is certified and meets the modern requirements of the European Union. This model is manufactured by the Turkish company VOLVAC, known for the quality of its developments. The design of the device is focused on efficient vacuum packaging of products with large dimensions. It is made of chemically resistant stainless steel AISI 304. Sealing of packages is performed by four sealing rails. The product requires connection to a three-phase network 380 volts. The technological process is controlled by a large indicator on the front panel.

Vacuum pump 200 m³ / year (300 m³ / year) Weight, kg 550
Sealing rail 4 x 860 mm Material Stainless steel AISI304
Dimensions, mm 1065 x 2080 x 1100 h Certificate СЕ
Chamber size, mm 860 x 1000 x 220 h Electrical connection 380 volt 50/60 Hz
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