Professional approach – Nikas

    In the food industry, equipment is used to which special requirements are imposed. Any product used in the production of food or raw materials must be designed from approved materials. It is necessary to exclude the chemical interaction of working surfaces with food, it is required to simplify the implementation of sanitary and hygienic and environmental standards. It is necessary to ensure the possibility of one hundred percent cleaning and sterilization of the equipment surface.

    Why choose the company
    “Nikas Food”

    The professional approach to the work of the employees of Nikas Food guarantees compliance with all requirements. The design of our own products is carried out taking into account the current standards that ensure the proper quality of food products.

    The following conditions are met:

    – Each customer is guaranteed an individual approach. Employees of the company carry out work and provide services in strict accordance with the requirements of the client.
    – Third-party equipment is shipped in minimal time. This is ensured by direct contacts with equipment suppliers.
    – The manufacture of our own products is carried out as quickly as possible and at the lowest prices. This is facilitated by the concentration in the same hands of development and production processes.
    – The company’s developers carefully consider the design of each product. Technical solutions are applied that make it possible to reduce the cost of equipment while increasing its consumer qualities.
    – Any product manufactured by the company can be easily integrated into the technological chains of the owner of the food industry enterprise. The use of products manufactured by Nikas Food allows to improve the technological process and increase labor productivity.